5 reasons to love Pembroke

5 reasons to love Pembroke

A walk in Pembroke when the sun is shining with Taco is one of favourite walks.  I haven’t experienced Pembroke in summer yet and I imagine it will be quite dry and barren but in winter is lush and green and now full of flowers. These are just some of the reasons I love it..

1. It’s so accessible

It’s only a short drive from our house (about 10 minutes if that) and there are plenty of open spaces and loads of parking space. Because it’s so big you park at different sides and do a different walk each time so you also don’t get bored.

2. It’s quiet

It’s like a secret amongst dog owners because everyone with a dog goes there and yet it’s always really quiet. I only ever see a couple of joggers, a fisherman or two, maybe 2 or 3 hikers and then a handful of dog walkers. So you really feel like you’re getting away from everything even though the Paceville tower is just round the corner.

3. The wild flowers

This time of year the flowers are out so there is colour peppering the landscape and apparently several species of wild orchid and other plans which aren’t found anywhere else in the country. Whatever they are it looks really pretty.   


4. The Heritage Trail

The Pembroke Heritage Trail begins close to the Radisson and a 2.5km cycling / walking trail continues on to Madliene tower which has recently been restored and dates back to 1658. So it’s an easy trail to follow and you can off course deviate off the trail to walk on the rocks at the coast or to climb some small hills.

5. There’s stuff to do for everyone

Taco of course loves in there. She loves running on the rocks down to the waters edge and jumping back at the waves. She loves foraging in the shrubs and she meeting other dogs and having a good sniff at them. Willa likes it because there is a playground at the beginning of the trail and also she likes the flowers and jumping on the rocks. For Myles there is an abandoned football pitch and also rocks to climb on. Yes everyone loves rocks….


So every sunny day we have when we don’t want to go too far we head down to Pembroke…


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